K-Word Noordhoek Lindsey

The Act of photography does not captivate me. I had plenty of random jobs through high school and my first introduction to photography was working at a racecourse during a gap year.  The scheduled photographer failed to pitch and being the youngest guy there, they all assumed I would just know how to use a camera.  I somehow managed to get a few decent snaps and was featured in their weekly betting magazine. My first published work in a weekly R20 magazine. A decade later I quit my job at an investment firm and picked up a camera once again. With a camera in hand and an insatiable curiosity, I’ve never been happier waking up to go to ‘work’. I realized that photography had little to do with equipment and everything to do with heart.  Bracing for that moment when a dancer is in full flight or moving through markets in Tanzania, photography has landed me in moments that only last a second but are forever held still as I hear that click. The joy and at times sadness of a photograph, the places and faces I’ve met, and the thrill of knowing I will be doing this forever is what captivates me.